Hwange residents sue local companies

5 months ago

Hwange Residents are suing local companies operating in the area for subjecting them to water pollution.

The Greater Hwange Residents Trust wrote a letter of demand to Environmental Management Agency (EMA) through Zimbabwe Environment Law Association.

Speaking to Community Podium, Greater Hwange Residents Association Coordinator Mr Fidelis Chima said local companies such as Hwange  Colliery Company and Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) were discharging harmful chemicals into Deka river, a major source of water for a considerable number of residents in the vicinity.

“Deka river is at least 30km from Hwange town and you will notice that there are several mining companies that are around hwange such as Hwange Colliery Company and time and time again they discharge effluent chemicals. ZESA also discharges effluents which pollutes the water,” said Chima.

He added that a number of residents had contracted waterborne diseases as a result of using the contaminated water.

“The discharge of dangerous chemicals into Deka river has caused villagers mainly from Mashala to contract diseases, some have developed tooth decay, some have sustained skin problems such as peeling off of skin. Even animals drinking contaminated water have been affected,” he said.


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