Sotani villagers bemoan shortage of water

1 week ago

By Thembelihle Mhlanga

Villagers from Sotani Ward 26 in Lupane have lamented the shortage of water in their area claiming that the community is having to travel long distances just to fetch water for domestic use and for their livestock.

Speaking to Community Podium, Councillor Major Mpala said that his ward is in a pathetic situation as far as the water situation is concerned. 

Mpala said the ward only has two boreholes which are inadequate to supply the population.

“We only have two boreholes servicing the whole ward and this is far short of what the ward requires. The situation poses a big challenge to the villagers as they have to make do with spending a lot of time looking for water in other areas. The community has to travel a distance of at least 20 km to access water at the dam (Lupane Dam) for livestock”, said Mpala.

Mpala added that “the shortage water is attributed to climate change as characterised by the shortage of rains and high temperatures in the past three consecutive seasons. This has created a serious demand for water”.

Mpala`s sentiments were echoed by a villager from Menyezwa ward in Lupane, Mr Ntameni Ngwenya who said the water crisis has led to serious human and wild conflict as people and wild animals  compete for the limited water sources available.

“The water situation is so bad here as animals and people  jostle for the only available watering holes, creating a big conflict leading to some fatalities”, said Ngwenya.


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