King Lobengula Royal Trust donate to victims of water contamination

1 week ago

By Thandeka Matebesi

King Lobengula Royal Trust has donated groceries and cash to assist  victims of water contamination in Luveve, Bulawayo to access medical care.

The trust handed over $100 USD to Emmanuel Moyo during a courtesy visit around the Luveve Township recently, so that he can purchase colostomy tubes and bags following his operation in the abdomen.

Prince Zwide Khumalo said the visit was a way of consoling those who were affected by the contamination.

“During a courtesy visit to meet the community and mourn with them over the deaths of their loved ones in that disaster, the Trust ably represented by its members, Prince Zwide Khumalo and its Vice Chairman Prince Themba Nhlokoma Khumalo donated food to five families” he added.

The reason for the visit was to meet some of the families that lost their relatives and to visit Emmanuel Moyo who survived the disaster and make a small contribution.

The visit was necessitated by the acknowledgement that after such emergencies, people tend forget about the victims and the risks as well as the vulnerabilities they are exposed to. In our culture “isililo asipheli”(mourning has no end).

“Families remain under very depressing conditions in the aftermath of such tragedies and a visit of this nature by the Trust  is not only to console the families,  but also to meet their counselling needs and give them some hope about the future”

The king also emphasised that the trust wanted to make a contribution to the victims so as to reduce the financial burden they are facing.

“Secondly and most importantly the aim is to contribute in a small way towards saving a life. Emmanuel’s condition is very sorrowful and he is expected to continue using colostomy tubes and bags for a year while depending special foods for a year. This exerts heavy pressure on him and the family. It was evident that our call there made me and those that visited Luveve realise that the community will never get to a point where they feel they have too much of visitors and help. They need people to be with them. It is not so much of material gifts than company and having a sense that there are people that care about the challenges that they have encountered as a community”, Khumalo explained.

The Trust was accompanied by the local MP Mrs Stella Ndlovu and residents’ representatives.

The MP stressed that more needs to be done.

“There is a lot of work to do there after the diarrhoea outbreak to ensure the welfare of the victims’ families and create hope for the local communities. The water shortages and sewage bursts in the area and I am sure elsewhere in this city pose a serious risk to the community of Bulawayo. The City fathers need to be assisted in their effort to protect people’s lives”, she said.


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