Urgent need for a clinic in Manyane,Kezi.

3 months ago

By Mediate Mpofu

There is urgent need for a clinic in Manyane area of Kezi in Matobo District, as only one clinic situated a long distance away is serving the considerably huge area.

Three years ago, villagers embarked on a project to build themselves a new clinic at Manyane centre.

However, their efforts have been frustrated by lack of funding which has brought the project to a standstill. The only functional clinic in the area, Kezi clinic, is situated too far away for most villagers in Manyane.

People from as far as Mt Edgecombe have to walk for more than 40-45 km to access the clinic, a tall order for vulnerable members of the community such as children, pregnant mothers and the elderly. 

Moreover, the underprivileged suffer as they have to walk long distances since they cannot afford the transport fares. Equally affected are villagers in resettlement areas of Kezi 10,and those who reside in Malindi and Donkwedonkwe who  urgently need a more proximate clinic.

The situation is so dire for villagers as some of those on anti- retroviral therapy have given up on their medication as it is too far and too expensive for them to get to the clinic in the area. Some pregnant women have resigned to giving birth at home and never access the much needed medical care and thereby risking the lives of both mothers and infants who need urgent medical care.

One villagers Mrs Mlala bemoaned the difficulty in accessing crucial family planning contraception. 

“I wish we had a functional clinic in Mt Edgecombe where I could access family planning contraception,” she said.

Sadly, due to the lack of a clinic some  deaths that could have been avoided have happened.

A young mother in Manyane who spoke on condition of anonymity said,” I would not have lost my child and my grandmother if there was a clinic nearby”.

 Meanwhile efforts are being made by the villagers to complete the clinic structure but lack of funds continues to frustrate the villagers’ efforts


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