Fear grips parents over spread of COVID19 in schools

2 weeks ago

By Mediate Mpofu

Parents in Kezi have expressed concern over the lack of serious learning in most of the schools in the area saying that this endangering the lives of their children who spend the whole day playing in schools.

Following the phased reopening of schools which took shape about a month ago, most students from Kezi have not had any meaningful learning resulting in parents raising health concerns.

A survey by Community Podium in the area shows that pupils from different schools go to their respective schools only to find teachers who are not willing to offer their services. Lack of teachers in schools has meant that there is no checking of pupils temperatures, washing and sanitising of pupils’ hands, thereby risking the spread of Covid-19.

This has riled the parents who feel that their children are being exposed to the risk of contracting the Covid19 virus as there is no one to enforce and assist children to adhere to Covid19 regulations such as social distancing and wearing of face masks. 

“It is very sad that our children are not learning. We wonder what will happen to those expected to sit for examinations. Surely this is affecting the future of our children”, said Sakhile Dube a parent from Kezi Maqhina.

Another parent Passion Dzipe from Madwaleni village said, they should have let the schools open next year, maybe by then all would have been settled between the teachers and their employers, because we as parents and our children now suffer the consequences of a standoff that we are not party to.

“A pupil from one of the schools said,” We just hope teachers will resume their duties soon This is too much for us”.

Meanwhile, teachers have hardened their resolve and have expressed lack of interest in carrying out their duties unless their demands are met. 

Commenting on this issue one teacher who spoke on condition of anonymity said teachers are demotivated.

‘Most of us are in schools, but we are not teaching, nothing motivates us. Salaries are just too low”, she said.

Another school Head who also requested anonymity said, “It is not our will that we remain idle when we should be found teaching, it is because we are not paid enough. What we receive is just too little, we are also parents who want to provide for our families, yet what we get cannot sustain us”.


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