Upcoming gospel artist launches his first EP

2 months ago

By Thandeka Matebesi

Bulawayo based upcoming gospel musician, Adrian Kaputen, has launched his first Extended play (EP) titled Christ Mission.

The EP consists of 5 tracks namely;Akekho, King of kings, Ndakamuona, Ndakamuona ft Absalom Ndlovu and African praise.

Speaking after the launch of the EP at the The Good News Church (Spirit Embassy) in Bulawayo recently, The 27 year old musician said he draws his inspiration from Jazz and traditional gospel musicians.

“I’m really passionate about delivering my own sound in terms of how I would like my music to be, so Christ mission is greatly influenced by how the Lord in Ephesians 6v10-12 wants us to engage in spiritual warfare as the body of Christ hence that’s the message in my Ep. I’m mostly inspired by jazz and traditional genre by artists who  include Dudu Manhenga and Hope Masike,” said Kaputen.

Kaputen is currently studying physical education at Hillside Teacher’s College in Bulawayo. 

“I am born again Christian, who is very passionate about music in general. I am the eldest in a family of five and I am currently doing my studies at Hillside Teacher’s College, studying as a physical education practitioner. I take music as my main hobby and I love javelin as a sport.  I love afro fusion and jazz music genres and that has greatly influenced my music”, he said.

As is common with upcoming artists who are still trying to find their feet, Kaputen’s biggest challenge in the production of the EP was lack of access to finances.

“I faced challenges in finances initially but God raised well wishers who helped out. Basically, these challenges were overshadowed by the presence of the Lord in this project and hence it is a success to a greater extent”, said a grateful Kaputen.

The youthful artist said the greatest lesson he learnt is to remain consistent in his art.

I learned to remain consistent in driving what I  want to achieve no matter what comes out, one should just remain focused to guarantee positive outcomes. I’m not yet there but I’m striving hard to make a solid brand that will be remembered for ages.

“My piece of advice to those willing to venture into the music industry would be this; firstly I would recommend one to take cognizance of season and time. There is a time for everything so one needs to be consistent in their craft, read the word of God, pray always so that God uplifts your gift in music no matter what genre you are into and this is for both believers and non believers. One also needs to create a solid framework in their craft. Be yourself and let people identity you through your uniqueness in the way you deliver”, he said.

The EP is sold physically and is also available on Youtube: Adrian Kapten Contact details: adriankapten@gmail.com or 0779714105Facebook: Adrian Kaputen


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