Zim records 3327 covid19 cases since beginning of 2021

3 weeks ago

Covid19 cases continue to surge in Zimbabwe with 3327 cases recorded and 55 deaths since the beginning of 2021.

The covid19 surge has seen government announcing stiff lockdown measures to help flattened the curve and reduce the spread covid19.

Ministry of Health and Childcare covid19 updates for the past 5 days reveal that all the 3326 cases are local transmission except for one case from a returnee from South Africa.

A total of 15580 PRC tests were conducted since the beginning of 2021 with 11543 tests done in Harare, 1705 in Bulawayo, 435 Midlands, 364 Masvingo, 476 Mat North, 238 Mash Central, 246 Mash East , 283 Mat South , 63 Mash West and 227 Manicaland .

No of tests per province

A total of 55 deaths since the beginning of 2021 with 17 deaths in Harare, 11 in Bulawayo, 1 Midlands, 4 Masvingo, 2 Mat North, 4 Mash Central, 3 Mash East, 0 Mat South, 3 Mash West and 10 Manicaland .

No of deaths per province

Zimbabwe has a total of 4963 active covid19 cases to date.


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