About Community Podium

Community Podium is an interactive online news platform whose focus is providing a voice to those underrepresented in democratic and governance spaces in Zimbabwe. Our primary content covers day to day living conditions of people at ward level to national level. In documenting these issues, we profile community voices and provide marginalized citizens with a platform to express their views on pertinent issues.

At Community Podium, we pride ourselves in that our studios are in the rural areas, growth points, streets, outside supermarkets, community halls, under trees etc. We go to where the people are.

Our model for gathering news is predominantly through mobile journalism for multi-media content. This allows for our teams to capture community voices without any hustles.

Our services

  • Documentary production
  • Live streaming services
  • Social media management
  • Jingle production
  • Graphic designing
  • Website designing

Our Social media handles

  • Twitter – @communitypodium
  • Facebook -@communitypodium
  • Instagram-@communitypodium
  • YouTube- @communitypodium TV
  • WhatsApp- +263 716 910 993
  • Email:info@communitypodium.org/ dccazim@gmail.com